3 audience-building habits to get your first 10 students 🎓

3 audience-building habits to get your first 10 students 🎓

Audience Building
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Apr 18, 2021
Build it, and they'll come?!
That used to be true a couple of decades ago when consumers were starved for options. But these times are long gone.
We have an abundance of choices, and taking a cohort-based course is only one option to get what we want.
That's why you have to start attracting an audience before you build your course.
Here are 3 habits to help you get your first 10 students.

Get your ideas out there asap

You can use whatever medium you're most comfortable in: writing blog posts and tweet threads, creating videos for YouTube and social media, or even podcasting.
What's important is that you're "making noise" consistently to expose people to your ideas and what you have to offer.

Give, give, give

Be generous about helping people.
Offer free workshops/webinars/masterclasses where people can experience your teaching style and leave with takeaways. These also help you to refine your content.
You can also give away a free email course, ebook, template, checklist, you name it to get people into your world and onto your email list.

Do things that don't scale

Getting the first few people in the door can take some legwork.
For example, do 1:1 outreach, personally inviting people via DM to your course.
Building an audience takes time. It's a never-ending process but also rewarding. After all, you get to help people along the way.
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