3 ways to keep your alumni engaged and thriving

3 ways to keep your alumni engaged and thriving

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Mar 8, 2021
You've just finalized a cohort of your course. Now what?
Before you take a vacation, it's worth planning how you'll keep supporting your new graduates.
Your alumni are ambassadors for your course. They can help get the word out and inspire new students to join. And you can point to them as examples of what people can achieve by joining your CBC.

So here are three ideas for how you can keep your alumni involved

1. Start an alumni mentor program

Ask your most engaged alumni to return to your next cohort to support new students.
They are just a few steps ahead and still remember what it was like just to get started. Hence they can better put themselves in the students' shoes and guide them.
This is a great opportunity for people who want to develop into a coaching or mentoring role.

2. Regular events

To keep the community alive, you can host monthly or quarterly get-togethers on Zoom.
This can take on different formats: casual networking and catching up in breakout rooms, a presentation by an alumn, or a Q&A with an industry expert everyone is keen to meet.

3. Paid membership

Your course takes students to a certain point on their journey. But now, they face a new set of challenges.
In a paid membership, you're providing new content, ongoing support, and accountability to help them reach the next level.
It's worth investing in a great relationship with your alumni. Their success is ultimately your success.
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