4 crucial questions you should ask a copywriter before you hire them

4 crucial questions you should ask a copywriter before you hire them

Publish Date
Nov 5, 2021
Working with a copywriter can be a game-changer for your business.
They can help you attract the right prospects and make more $$$.
But hiring one can feel intimidating and confusing, especially if you're doing it for the first time.
So, let's assume you've come across (or were approached by) a copywriter who seems promising.
The first step is to schedule an initial call so you can get to know each other and see if there's a fit.

What you should prepare

Before the call, take a moment to think through the following:
  • What deliverables are you looking for? For example, an email sequence, a landing page, a Facebook ad. If you're not sure yet, that's ok. Most copywriters can help you with the strategy and recommend what you need.
  • What's your deadline? This is especially important if the copywriter will be working on copy for a launch. Think about by when you'll need to final copy.
  • What's your budget? Knowing the maximum amount you can spend will help you speed up the discussion around the rate.

Now, here are the questions that you should ask the copywriter at a minimum

Getting clear answers will ensure that you're on the same page and the project runs smoothly.

1. What does your process look like?

Copywriting isn't only "writing." There's so much more involved.
One step that's always needed is customer research.
That's because great copy doesn't appear out of thin air – purely conceived in the imagination of the copywriter. It's based on a deep understanding of your prospects' challenges, goals, and objections.
At a minimum, your copywriter should interview you about the product/service you're selling and research your target audience online. At best, they'll want to schedule interviews with your past clients to learn from their experiences.
Be sure that at every stage of their process, there's an opportunity for you to review what they've done so far and give feedback.

2. What's included in the rate?

Copywriting projects can be charged per hour or per deliverable.
Charging per hour makes sense if the scope isn't fully set and you need help on an ongoing basis.
Most copywriters will want to charge a fixed fee per deliverable or the whole project, and that's in your interest as well.
In this case, be sure to ask what's all included and what fees apply if there's any out-of-scope work added during the project.

3. What is the timeline?

The best copywriters are often booked out months in advance.
So ask when they can start at the earliest and how long they'll need for this project.
Also, share your deadline so you can have a transparent discussion to determine if your timelines align.

4. What are the payment terms?

It's common for copywriters to ask for 50% of the project fee upfront and 50% when the final deliverable is handed over.
Don't forget to ask about the payment terms, so you aren't surprised when an invoice hits your inbox.