5 fresh ideas to simplify editing and improve your writing

5 fresh ideas to simplify editing and improve your writing

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May 26, 2021
Let's be honest: Writing can be exhausting.
You've poured your heart onto the page. But you know you're not done yet.
Now, you've got to edit your piece to really make it shine.
The thought of having to spend even more time staring at the same Google Doc can be daunting, though. And that's not the frame of mind you want to be in when editing.
So, here are 5 fresh ideas to make editing easier for you and your brain.

1. Step away

Let your work marinate for 24 hours (or more) before you edit. You need some distance so you can come back to it with fresh eyes.

2. Read out loud

It makes a huge difference. Naturally, you’ll stumble over certain words and phrases. Now you know where you need to adjust. Bonus points for reading it to someone else.

3. Change the font and/or font size

When you get too familiar with your piece, your eyes can gloss over obvious mistakes. Unfamiliar fonts and sizes bring your attention back to each word.

4. Edit on your phone (or narrow the column width in Google Docs)

Many of your readers will consume your writing on mobile. Put yourself in their shoes. This tactic exposes overly long paragraphs that are hard to read.

5. Keep a "cutting room floor"

It can be heartbreaking to cut phrases you've worked so hard on. But you don't have to lose them forever. Put a line at the bottom of your document and cut+paste them there for future reference.
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