5 Marketing Assets Course Creators Can’t Live Without

5 Marketing Assets Course Creators Can’t Live Without

Publish Date
Apr 29, 2022
You’d rather teach than spend your time on marketing, am I right?
But, you can’t relinquish all marketing if you want to have a sustainable course business.
So here are the 5 assets you need at a minimum to market your course. (I call them the Minimum Viable Marketing stack.)

Lead Magnet

You need at least one killer lead magnet that consistently attracts and converts people to your email list. This could be a free email course, a guide, or a template.
Your lead magnet also needs a form or landing page where people can sign up for it. This is easy to set up with a tool like ConvertKit.

Course Landing Page

This is where people discover what your course is all about and what they’ll get out of it.
I’ve put together a template and curated successful course landing pages to help you create your own.

Launch Email(s)

Eventually, you’ll need to let people know that your course is open for enrollment. Prompt them to join by sending at least one email and, ideally, a sequence of emails that helps them decide if your course is right for them.

Checkout Page

This is the page where your new students enter their payment information to join your course.
Up until this point, they can still back out. That’s why you should take every opportunity to reassure them that they’re making the right decision, for example, with testimonials and by restating the transformation.

Thank You Page/Email

This is what someone sees right after making the purchase. Welcome them to your course and outline the next steps.
You don’t want them to be confused or hit by immediate buyer’s remorse.