5 ways to optimize your cohort-based course offer

5 ways to optimize your cohort-based course offer

Publish Date
Mar 31, 2021
You want your offer to be so good, your ideal students can't possibly say no to it.
If they happen to leave your sales page, you want them to be still thinking about it in the shower and when they're trying to fall asleep. To the extend, they have to find the link again in their browser history the next day.
But what is your offer?
Your curriculum (the modules and steps you'll take them through) is the very core of your offer.
Access to the community where students can interact and get feedback should be a given, too.
So what else could you do to optimize your offer, to make it more enticing, and to turn it into a no-brainer? Here are 5 ideas for you:

✨ Bonuses

Think about how you could help your students get results easier and faster. Bonuses can provide extra value and fill a gap in your primary offer (something you couldn't include in the main curriculum).
But, they shouldn't dilute your main offer because that's what your students ultimately sign up for.

🛠 Tools

They can make it easier for your students to implement what they're learning. For example...
  • calculators
  • templates
  • checklists
  • planners
  • software
  • swipe files

👑 Tiers

Some students want more. And are willing to pay a higher price for extras like 1:1 time with you, "done for you" service, or exclusive content.

💵 Flexible payment terms

Cohort-based courses are premium offers that often start at $1k. You can make your course more accessible and cash flow friendly by splitting the payment into 2-3 installments.

⛑ Guarantee

Your prospective students ask themselves if your course will truly work for them and lead to the promised results. A guarantee reduces this risk for them.
You could give them the option of an "out" up to 7 or 14 days into your course, with the condition that they can show that they've done the work and implemented what you've taught them.
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