6 essential & free tools for anyone who writes

6 essential & free tools for anyone who writes

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Jul 8, 2021
Here's what I use:

1. ludwig.guru

Not sure if you're using a word or phrase in the right context?
Enter it here and you'll see how reliable sources like The Guardian, The New York Times, or The Economist have used this term.

2. relatedwords.org

Looking for other words on the same topic?
For example, search for cloud and get atmosphere, rain, sky, mist, etc.
I've used this a lot when trying to come up with a name for something. Great for brainstorming.

3. thesaurus.com

Looking for another word with the same meaning?
I have this site open all day to search for synonyms, e.g. when I want to use a stronger word but can't think of it.

4. Grammarly

Need to do a last check before you publish?
This is my go-to tool to catch any mistakes I've overlooked (and to help with commas because I never get them right).
Hemingway is an alternative I've heard good things about.

5. capitalizemytitle.com

Want to use title case in a headline or subject line?
I use this tool to make sure I'm capitalizing the right words.
Also tells you how long your headline is.

6. websters1913.com

Feel like wordsmithing?
Look up the definition of the word you want to use here.
You'll be surprised how often our definition has deviated from the original meaning.
What tool did I miss? What's your favorite writing tool? Let me know!