Aswin Ranganathan

What do you want to help course creators with?
Curriculum Design
Let's get a bit more specific. How can you help course creators?
I can help course creators like yourself present your online course with stunning, modern design and copy on your landing page with any LMS of your choice. To achieve this I will be using some of the conversion techniques experimented and learnt from building products for over half a million users as a product designer. As as a front end developer I'll be share some advanced styling code and scripts to enhance the look and feel of your site to make it appear polished and thereby leading to better conversions.
Tell us about yourself! Your bio
I've worked as a product designer for companies like ,, and currently Design Manager for customer retention at Deliveryhero in Berlin. I've shipped converting features in popular products used by users across South East Asia.
Why do you want to work with course creators? What makes you passionate about the online education space?
I have a love for teaching and I started my journey in course creation myself ( ). Soon after I got obsessed with what can be created with code and since then i've been interested in building tools & processes for other course creators like myself to convert better with my experience in design and technology.
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