Building in public: Why it's hard and worth doing it anyway

Building in public: Why it's hard and worth doing it anyway

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Apr 20, 2021
"The fastest way to get free marketing for your business is to share your strategy and tell people what you're working on."
The principle David Perell is talking about here is called "building in public."

Here are 3 reasons why this is so powerful:

  • We love to see work in progress. The messy, unpolished stuff often attracts more eyeballs than a finished piece.
  • When you’re sharing what you’re doing, someone will come forward to offer help. People want to get involved.
  • Your audience feels like they’ve come along for the ride. They get invested in your journey, and most want to see you succeed.

But why is building in public so hard?

When you're starting a new venture, your first inclination is to keep it quiet until you’re absolutely sure you're going to succeed.
What if you fail? Won’t that be embarrassing? What will people think?
Truth is: Everyone who has worked on something worthwhile has failed. The people you see on Twitter who have “made it” have failed.
The important difference is that they didn’t hide when that happened. They turned the situation in their favor by sharing lessons learned, setting themselves up for success.

How does building in public look like in practice?

Basically, it means documenting your journey as you're building your online course. There are 3 levels to what you could share with the public:
  1. The decisions you’re facing at any given moment, what you decide, and your reasoning behind it.
  1. The results you’re getting from these decisions.
  1. Reflections on your decisions and lessons learned.
This can take the form of a blog post, a tweet thread, short videos, or LinkedIn posts. Whatever medium works best for you.
Give it a try!
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