Case studies: Why you need them and how to create them

Case studies: Why you need them and how to create them

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Sep 20, 2021
"The ultimate marketing engine is a successful customer." – John Jantsch
But only if you share their success story publicly. That's exactly what case studies are for.
They are longer than testimonials and provide more depth and insights into how one particular customer overcame a challenge and reached their goals with the help of your product.
That helps your prospects see themselves in their story and believe that they can achieve similar results.

Now, how do you create a case study?

It starts with interviewing your most successful customers. I find that most are more than happy to share their experiences.
To capture their story, follow this 3-part structure:

⚡️ The Challenge

What was happening in their life?
What were they struggling with?
What did they want to achieve?

⤴️ The Turning Point

How did they find out about your product?
Why did they choose your product?
How did it help them solve their problem and bring them closer to their goal?
What part of your product was most impactful?

🏆 The Victory

What were the results? (as concrete as possible)
What's a concrete situation where the success was visible?
You can publish the interview itself as a video case study and/or turn their answers into a written case study with quotes.
In any case, send it to your customer for final approval.

Where should you use case studies?

Add them to your website! You can also include them in a launch email sequence you're planning.
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