Course Landing Page Template

Follow this outline to write your course landing page. For here for the Google Docs version.
Call out your reader to reassure them that they're in the right place.
Give them them the “oh hey… that’s me” feeling
Example: "For freelancers looking to expand their client base"
The job of the headline is to grab their attention and make them read the next line.
Make a promise! What will people ultimately get out of your course?
Remember: The name of your course is NOT your headline!
How to [achieve what they want] without [the things they hate]
How to [achieve what they want] even if [what's holding them back]
How to [achieve what they want] in only [timeframe]
Check your headline for SPICE:
  • Specific
  • Profit
  • Intriguing
  • Credible
  • Easy to understand
Show your reader that you understand their problems and challenges really well.
Paint a vivid picture of a real-life situation when someone is experiencing the problem.
What's the real moment in time where their problem flairs up?
More questions to help you uncover this:
  • What are they struggling with?
  • What keeps them up at night? What’s their worst nightmare?
  • What frustrates them? What do they hate? What makes them feel bad?
  • What are the mistakes they are making that they could be avoiding? And what have those cost them?
  • How have they tried to fix their problems? What other solutions have they tried? And how have those failed them?
  • What is typically going on in their life and at work when they realize that they need your help?
Show how a new better future could look like.
Paint a vivid picture of the outcomes someone can achieve.
What does your reader need to believe to make this new future a reality?
Show them why it’s not their fault that they haven’t succeeded.
Demystify any misconceptions and false beliefs.
Empower them to move forward.
[OTHER SOLUTIONS - optional]
What have they tried already and why didn’t it work for them?
Show them why it wasn’t their fault.
How have YOU solved their problem?
Why is this better than all the other solutions?
Why are you the right person to deliver results?
Develop trust that others like them have achieved what they want.
Reveal your course and show how it’s the perfect escape door.
WHY - Why does this matter?
State the transformation you promise your students
WHAT - What will they get?
Give them the hard facts and logistical details.
For example:
  • Live sessions
  • Office hours
  • 1:1 coaching
  • Community
  • Templates
  • Bonuses
HOW - How will it happen?
Show them your curriculum, the steps they’ll take.
Let your readers envision themselves going through your course.
How will each module help them?
Ask them to take action.
This is where the buy button goes.
Remove the risk.
What makes you confident that this works?
What outcome can you promise? What tangible benefit will they see?
If that condition isn’t met how could they get a refund?
What would make someone the ideal student who would benefit the most from your course?
If you had to place REAL money on the success of your students... what characteristics, attributes, experiences, abilities, achievements would you look for to feel like you’re making a safe bet?
And who is not a good fit for your course?
Overcome objections and answer their most pressing questions.
What questions are now popping up in their head that prevent them from taking action?
How can you remove these roadblocks?
What’s at stake if they don’t take action?
What happens if they don’t act now?
What will they continue to endure?
How will their life get worse?
What opportunities are they missing out on?