Erin Morris

What do you want to help course creators with?
Let's get a bit more specific. How can you help course creators?
I write personality-packed copy for online coaches and course creators. Transform your sales pages and sales funnels from "meh" to "WOW!" using my done-for-you IMPACT method that incorporates attraction storytelling, your magnetic brand voice and an irresistible offer formula.
Tell us about yourself! Your bio
I've been in digital marketing for 5+ years and now specialise in helping coaches and course creators sell-out their launches to make more money so they can live a freedom-based lifestyle.
Why do you want to work with course creators? What makes you passionate about the online education space?
I love working with women who are driven to make an impact and change the lives of others. I believe in entrepreneurship and the time, location and financial freedom running your own business can create.
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