Every course needs an onboarding survey! Here's why and what to cover

Every course needs an onboarding survey! Here's why and what to cover

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Jul 31, 2021
Asking your students to answer a few questions at the start of your course has 3 critical advantages:
  1. You get to know your students better and can tailor the course to their needs.
  1. You get insights into their pain points and aspirations, which is valuable input for your copy and marketing.
  1. Your students get to articulate their goals for the course and are hence more committed to achieving them.

Now, which questions should you ask in your onboarding survey?

Here's what you can cover:
πŸ‘₯ Demographics (such as gender, age, country of residence) to get a sense of who is in your course.
πŸŽ“ Background (such as education, occupation, industry) to find out if you're attracting a specific type of people.
πŸ‘‚ How they heard about your course, so you know which marketing channels were most successful.
⚑️ What the biggest challenge is they’re trying to overcome to help you understand where they're coming from.
🎯 What they want to get out of the course. This gives you insights into their goals.
βš™οΈ Anything specific you could do to make the course a success for them.
πŸ“Š A self-assessment of their current skills and ability levels to establish a baseline. Run the same assessment at the end of the course to visualize how much your students have improved.

So, how do you run the survey?

Luckily, tools like Google Forms, Typeform, or Tally.so make it super easy to set it up and analyze the results.
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