Guest Speakers: How to invite them and make the most out of their session

Guest Speakers: How to invite them and make the most out of their session

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Oct 29, 2021
Having a guest speaker in your course can bring a lot of additional value to your students.
They can cover a new topic or go deeper into an area that you don't have expertise in.

Who should you invite?

Bet you immediately thought of some big names in your niche that you'd love to invite. And I'd encourage you to do that.
But these people are often difficult to get hold of. So, keep your eyes open for up-and-coming creators who have something interesting to share.
In any case, your guest speaker should align with what your students want to achieve. What they're sharing has to be relevant.

How to invite a guest speaker

Pitch it as a win-win for everyone. Sure, your students get to soak up their knowledge.
But your guest speaker also gets to speak in front of a new audience, maybe test out some new ideas. Give them the option to promote their course/book/whatever they have going on.
In any case, plan ahead. Get on their calendar at least a month or so in advance. When you get a verbal or written confirmation, send them a calendar invite to seal the deal.

How to prepare for the session

First, get clear on what the session will look like. Will it be a casual Q&A? Will you interview them? Will they run a workshop where your students get to participate?
Then, prepare them for the session. You can hop on a short call to discuss or you can send them a Loom video. Explain where you are in your course, who your students are, and what they're hoping to get out of this session.
I'd also recommend asking for their best picture and bio. This way, you can promote their session in a way that aligns with their brand.

What happens after?

Make sure to thank them for coming!
Depending on what you agreed, you could share the recording publicly or turn it into other content that helps promote both of you.
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