How could you make marketing fun? 🤡

How could you make marketing fun? 🤡

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Sep 29, 2021
The saying goes: You can't compete with someone who's having fun.
Now, what if you could make a part of your business fun that many people dread, even hate?
I'm talking about marketing, of course!
If you're enjoying yourself marketing your products, you'll be unstoppable.
Here are 3 ideas on how to do that:

Make your marketing authentic to you

Marketing doesn't mean that you have to be loud, over the top, always trying to close the deal. You don't have to play a role or be someone you're not. Be you! And soon you'll attract people and the same wavelength.

Align your marketing with your strength

We tend to procrastinate on the things we aren't good at. So, do what comes naturally to you. There's a medium of expression for everyone.
Maybe you like writing and want to publish essays and Twitter threads.
If you enjoy being on camera, hop onto YouTube or TikTok.
Just want to talk? Start a podcast or Racket.

Make it easy to do

You don't have to fill and then follow a massive content calendar for the next 6 months.
Start small, maybe with one tweet, and build up to more complex things as you go and gain confidence.
One thing to keep in mind: By default, anything worthwhile isn't always going to be fun. So there will be times when you don't feel like it.
Push through this. Consistency is key! People need to hear what you have to say.
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