How do you want to teach: Pick your Format

How do you want to teach: Pick your Format

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Jul 19, 2021
Learning experiences come in various formats.
I've made an attempt to sort them considering two dimensions: time and level of guidance
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Let's look at the first one: time

Time-bound formats like cohort-based courses act as a forcing function for students to get the necessary work done. But they can be too demanding. Not everyone can carve out 4-6 weeks to dedicate to a course.
Non time-bound learning opportunities like self-paced courses and books don't have a deadline. The learner can consume them at their own pace. However, that might also mean you'll never actually touch or finish them (we've all been there).

The second dimension is the level of guidance

Coaching and cohort-based courses provide a lot of guidance and structure for the learner. You don't have to think much for yourself. Just follow the plan laid out for you and you will (at least should) succeed.
On the other end of the spectrum, a community or a book provide you with very little guidance on your learning journey. You have to figure out and plan how you implement what you learn. But this extra effort involved in finding the right path can also lead to better results.
So, what's the takeaway here? There's no inherently right or wrong way to go for course creators.
When you know the pros and cons of the different formats, you can choose deliberately.
The format you choose has to fit your audience's needs and your own life.
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