How I Write the Forte Labs Newsletter in 1 Hour Every Week

How I Write the Forte Labs Newsletter in 1 Hour Every Week

Publish Date
May 3, 2022
The Forte Labs newsletter goes out to 50k+ subscribers every Tuesday.
And for years, Tiago wrote every word himself. Until he handed over the keys to the newsletter kingdom to me this February.
For 14 weeks now, I’ve been creating the weekly email and reached consistent open rates between 45 - 55%.
Here are the 3 things that allow me to create this value-packed newsletter in only 1 hour every week.

1. Follow a Consistent Structure

When I started, I introduced a new format to the newsletter that I’m replicating every week.
Now, every newsletter follows the same structure:
  • Intro: important updates and event invites
  • Blog Post: Tiago’s most recent essay
  • Video: the newest video on our YouTube channel
  • Tweet: one of Tiago’s best-performing tweets
  • P.S.: other content (e.g., podcast replays, partner promotions)

2. Plan As You Go

When I sit down on Friday to write the newsletter, 80% of the work has already been done.
During the week, I’ve added content elements to my newsletter planning table in our project management tool ClickUp. One look, and I know what this newsletter is going to be about.

3. “Borrow” the Copy

I hardly write anything from scratch.
If we’re promoting an event, I’ll take copy from the landing page. For the video, I’ll borrow text from the YouTube description. For the blog post, I’ll grab some of the first paragraphs.
That’s how I finalize the newsletter every week in just about an hour, including final checks and testing.
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