How Should You Price Your Course? 4 Different Pricing Models With Examples

How Should You Price Your Course? 4 Different Pricing Models With Examples

Publish Date
May 25, 2022
Pricing is the one thing course creators are most insecure about.
“Am I charging too little or too much? And how should I structure pricing?”
Let’s see what other successful course creators are doing. I’ve gathered 4 different pricing models that work for different scenarios.

1. One Price

The 20 Hour CEO by Entrepreneur Christine Carrillo has one premium price. That’s it!
Having one price for everyone is ideal when you’re getting started and want to keep things simple.
Optional: Add an early-bird discount to incentive early sign-ups.

2. Tiered Pricing

The Building a Second Brain course has 3 tiers at increasing price points:
The Essential Edition with access to one cohort, the Premium Edition with an extended curriculum and lifetime access to future cohorts, and the Executive Edition with personalized coaching from Tiago Forte.
Tiered pricing can increase your revenue since there’s always someone willing to spend more for extras. But keep in mind that additional tiers also add more operational complexity.

3. Expert vs. Coaches/Mentors Pricing

ADHD Rewired Coaching offers 2 options: Group coaching with the program creator, Eric, at a higher price point and coaching with their other coaches at a lower price point.
If you have a team of coaches or mentors that leverage your methodology, it can make sense to sell direct access to you at a higher price point.

4. Pick Your Own Price

The Ace Coaching Academy implemented a unique pricing model that reflects their vision of “a world in which everyone is supported 100% and no one is left out.”
Essentially, students pick their own price based on their household income (or their organizational budget). If you’re aiming for inclusivity, then this might be the right option for you.
Ultimately, there’s no strict right or wrong with pricing. Pick a model and experiment. You can always change it later.