How to get terrific testimonials for your online course

How to get terrific testimonials for your online course

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Mar 14, 2021
One concern that crosses every prospective students' minds is: Will this course work for someone like me?
And nothing provides assurance better than hearing from actual students how they've succeeded.
That's why you need social proof in the form of testimonials.

How to get written testimonials:

Start with the answers to your exit survey (which you're hopefully asking students to complete).
Pick the best ones and write your ideal testimonials using your students' words.
Then send these students your draft and ask if you could use it, letting them edit if needed, of course. Also, ask for a headshot to accompany the testimonial.
This strategy ensures that you're getting the testimonials that you want while making it as easy as possible for your students.
(Credit goes to Stacey Harmon for this method!)

How to get video testimonials:

Option A: Ask students to film themselves and send you the video file. When you give them prompts, you increase the chances of getting a compelling testimonial.
Option B: Use a tool like VideoAsk. You record a video for them, and they record their answer. It all happens within the tool, so there's minimal friction.
Option C: Hire a video testimonial service like ResultStory to interview selected students. They'll take care of the whole process, and you'll receive beautifully edited video testimonials.
And remember the most important rule: Always ask for permission before using someone's words and their name in your marketing material.
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