How to launch your course even if you don't feel ready

How to launch your course even if you don't feel ready

Publish Date
May 19, 2021
Truth is: You'll never feel ready.
Yes, there is still so much to learn. So much to research. So much to strategize.
But maybe, what you know now is enough.
It's time to put your assumptions to the test.

Here's why launching your course before you've every single detail figured out pays off

💡 You'll validate your idea and discover if people are willing to pay for it. If not, you can pivot quicker without wasting time chasing something that isn't viable.
📈 You'll also get feedback quicker and can start improving on your first version.
💪 And you'll gain momentum and realize that this is actually doable.

So, how do you do it?

Set yourself a deadline and announce publicly when you're launching your course.
There's no turning back now.
You're forced to focus on what's actually important to get it into the world and your first students enrolled...
Instead of contemplating ALL the things involved in the course creation journey that aren't even relevant for you right now.
A public deadline is a powerful forcing function.
And it serves another purpose: People will get excited about what you're building. Some might reach out and offer their help, and others are interested in joining as a student.
What's most important is that you're taking action and making it happen.
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