How to let go of perfectionism and ship more 🛳

How to let go of perfectionism and ship more 🛳

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May 30, 2021
For months, I procrastinated on setting up a website.
I had seen so many clever and gorgeous sites of other copywriters that launching anything inferior seemed unacceptable.
How could anybody take me seriously if I wasn't matching the "standard"?
So, the website project got larger and larger in my head until it was too big and complicated to act on it.
I was stuck. Trapped by my own vision.
Fast forward a year: I'm on my third website iteration and embracing taking imperfect action.
These are the two mindsets that helped me get there:

Mindset #1: Everything is a version

If a project feels too big and intimidating, remove the most challenging part and save it for version 2.
The goal is to ship version 1 asap, even if it's far from perfect. It's the first step in a direction.
As you go along, you'll gain more experience, clarity, and resources to iterate and improve.

Mindset #2: Everything is an experiment

When you're too focused on succeeding, you might shy away from taking action if there's the possibility of failure.
But with an experimentation mindset, your goal is to learn. And you'll learn from success as well as from failure.
When you treat your projects as a version, you give yourself permission to ship an imperfect version 1, knowing that you can always improve on it. Every iteration is an experiment that'll help you learn what works and what doesn't.
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