How to make your cohort-based course an instant success

How to make your cohort-based course an instant success

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As a consultant or service provider, you're selling your time.
And unless you've found a way to clone yourself, it's the limiting factor to how much you can grow.
So a cohort-based course is a great way to scale your consulting practice and productize your service.
But before you jump headfirst into building your CBC, I want you to consider the different levels that precede it.

Level 1: You've become an expert at something

You're getting outstanding results for yourself or your clients by offering a "done for you" kind of service (meaning you're doing the work for your clients). Over time, you've developed your own methodology for getting things done.

Level 2: You can replicate these results in a "done with you" setting

That means you can coach a client 1:1. Using your methodology, they've succeeded without you doing the work itself.

Level 3: You can repeat what you've achieved for clients 1:1 in a small group setting, coaching multiple people together

At this stage, you also help students learn from each other, not only from you.

Level 4: You're launching a cohort-based course

You've systematized your methodology and how you teach it and can now lead larger groups through your process without sacrificing quality.
Following these levels in order helps you hone your methodology, iterate on feedback, and gather testimonials and success stories.
That way, you gain momentum to make your CBC an instant success.
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