How to structure your online course: Developing your curriculum

How to structure your online course: Developing your curriculum

Curriculum Design
Publish Date
Jul 14, 2021
It all makes sense in your head.
But whenever you try to turn your thoughts into an outline of your course, things get slippery.
Suddenly, you aren't so sure anymore what to include, exclude, and in what sequence you should present the information.
So, how do you approach curriculum design? Here's a 3-step process.

Step #1: Start with the transformation

Your course is taking your students from point A to point B. Let's define those!
Point A is the starting point, the status quo. What do your students already know and do?
Point B is where you want them to be at the end of the course.

Step #2: Map the journey

Now, fill in the steps in between point A and point B.
Think about what the first thing is people need to know and do? And then the next?
For each step, consider three components:
  • Mindset: What do your students need to believe first to be able to accept the tactics and techniques that follow?
  • Theory: What do they need to know?
  • Practice: How can they take action right away and get a win?

Step #3: Test it

So far, you've been making assumptions about what your students need.
Put your curriculum to the test with a beta cohort or 1:1 coaching, and take note of the questions your students ask.
Where do they get stuck? That's a sign you need to adjust.
In the end, curriculum design is the union of what you want to (and can) teach and what your students need.
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