How to write online: a mini masterclass by Nicolas Cole

How to write online: a mini masterclass by Nicolas Cole

Content Marketing
Publish Date
Apr 19, 2021
It's not about you.
A truth every writer must remember.
Your job is to answer your audience's questions (even if they aren't consciously asking them). You have to capture and keep the attention of your reader.
Now, how do you do that?

Before you start writing

The size of the question dictates the size of your audience.
Broader questions appeal to more people. Narrow questions attract a niche audience.
Answering either is fine. It all depends on your goals.

Write your headline first

Tell your reader what they're about to read, but don't give everything away.
Open the curiosity gap.
It has to be clear what's in it for them.

Keep your introduction short

Call out your reader so they're sure that they're in the right place.
Then reiterate your promise and reassure them that they can trust you to deliver on it.

State your main points

This is what your reader is really here for.
Organize your main points in clear subheads so your reader can easily find what's relevant to them.
To keep their attention, reveal new information at a high pace. Every time you feel like you're repeating the same thing in the following sentence, delete it.

Conclusion is optional

Do you want to add anything else of value? No? Then don't feel obliged to write a conclusion.
Give a call-to-action
What should your reader do next?
Trust that you gave something valuable and your reader wants to know more.
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