Mel Kale

What do you want to help course creators with?
Marketing Strategy
Let's get a bit more specific. How can you help course creators?
1) Launch copy & strategy (aka my happy place!). Voice of customer research & launch strategy first, then sales pages (my favourite), ads, emails, landing pages (of all kinds), webinar scripts, VSLs - you name it. 2) Evergreen funnels (same assets as above) 2) Brand messaging & website copy. I usually start with a brand voice guide (unless the client already has one) and then up to 5 pages of website copy. Voice of customer research & customer journey/site maps also included. 3) VIP days (for quick help with any direct response assets) 4) Creative directing (in a former life I was a TV producer/director so I can also creative direct shoots/ video assets/ course content)
Tell us about yourself! Your bio
Hi! I’m Mel - pro-researcher, marketing strategist & conversion copywriter, here to help online educators accomplish their loftiest goals and create huge impact along the way… Having spent nearly a decade in the creative industries - first as an ad-woman at some of London’s best advertising agencies, then as a professional researcher & documentary producer for the likes of the BBC, NatGeo & Smithsonian - it’s safe to say I know how to sniff out a good story, craft messages that inspire action, and deliver them at scale. Sporting research skills worthy of GCHQ, a bullshit meter rivalling Gordon Ramsey, and a burning desire to make the world of online marketing less of the Wild Wild West - consider me your new favourite co-collaborator, brand advocate and marketing-obsessed writer friend all rolled into one.
Why do you want to work with course creators? What makes you passionate about the online education space?
I believe online education is the great leveller. It's the way we give people the agency to create the lives and businesses they want - especially those who have been excluded from wealth & power in traditional career paths, or who couldn’t afford a college education / business degrees etc. We're also living in an age where online education is crucial to the way we operate in a post-covid world... so it's not going anywhere! This is only the beginning and there's so much possibility and opportunity ahead. Lastly, I'm personally obsessed with learning too! I binge courses instead of Netflix... They're my bread and butter, so it lights me up to serve creators in this space. Without online courses, I would never have got into copywriting - so they've been transformative for me!
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