Robin Burke

What do you want to help course creators with?
Social Media
Curriculum Design
Let's get a bit more specific. How can you help course creators?
Copywriting especially. Email marketing, landing pages, sales letters. I'm in 2 top masterminds with some of the top copywriters out there (Ian Stanley's 90 Days to Freedom and Stefan Georgi & Justin Goff's Copy Accelerator Lite). Am also able to help with some other stuff too :)
Tell us about yourself! Your bio
Lived around the world and worked a variety of fields, from teaching to farming to wine importing to sales to recovery coaching. I write every day and perfect my craft through joining masterminds where I get weekly feedback from some of the top copywriters out there (like Ian Stanley, Stefan Georgi and Justin Goff). Easygoing and easy to work with. Currently living in the countryside of Connecticut, a couple of hours north of NYC (may be moving back to the city soon...)
Why do you want to work with course creators? What makes you passionate about the online education space?
It helped me so much and I love giving back to help others along their pathway to personal development and success.
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