The 6-step editing workflow to improve your copy and increase conversions

The 6-step editing workflow to improve your copy and increase conversions

Publish Date
Mar 28, 2021
Writing is only ever the first step.
Once you've got some words on the page, you've got the opportunity to turn them into something that will truly blow your reader's mind and move them to take action.
That's when editing comes into play. I'm following these 6 steps to ensure my copy hits the mark.

Step #1: Is it clear? (most important)

Your reader is way too busy to figure out what you mean. The burden is on you to make it blatantly clear what you're trying to say.
To improve clarity, check if each sentence communicates one idea only.

Step #2: Does it trigger the right emotions?

You want your reader to feel something. After all, emotions lead to actions.
So, how will your reader feel when they've finished reading? Try out Grammarly's tone detector to check which vibe your copy creates.

Step #3: Is it obvious what's in it for the reader?

Your reader only cares about themselves (not your credentials and awards). Make sure to highlight the benefits and outcomes your reader can achieve.

Step #4: Is it believable?

It's 2021, and your reader has been exposed to a million marketing messages. If something seems too good to be true, they're gone.
That's why you need to back up every claim you make with proof. For example, client testimonials, case studies, company logos of clients, demo videos and screenshots, or hard data.

Step #5: Is it specific?

What can set you apart from the generic marketing messages of your competitors: adding specific details. The kind of information that engage your reader's imagination and paint a vivid picture for them. Have you included any in your copy?

Step #6: Did you remove the risk?

When you ask your reader to do something, their mind immediately pulls a Doctor Strange and rushes through hundreds of different scenarios of how this will impact their life.
How much time is this going to take? Will this introduce friction into my life? Will this work like you say? Is this worth paying for?
Your job is to remove as much risk as possible to put their mind at ease. Taking action should be a no-brainer!
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