The F*CK IT Mastermind

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Megan Otto
The F*CK IT Mastermind
For  WILD women who want to reach their WILD biz dreams, WICKEDLY fast.


Are you even a WILD woman though???
Examples of being a wild woman include (but are not limited to)
  • Saying FUCK THIS SHIT at least 69 times each day
  • Swearing like a MF sailor
  • Having the BEST sense of // inappropriate // humor
  • Secretly or not so secretly loves controversy #wut
  • Your middle name is feisty
  • Spiritual AF // in your own way //
  • Has sharp, bold, killer viewpoints on life and business
  • Leans into and loves TF outta her feminine, goddess energy
  • Having a // wild // vagina #duh
  • Knows how to party like a mofo

If ^that’s you, we’re gonna get along GREAT. ;)

Can I just say FUUUUUUUCK! I’m so glad we’re on the same wavelength, wild woman???

OH MY GOD it feels to get that shit off my chest.

It’s one thing to let your wild out… and then it’s another thing to let your wild out when you’re in the presence of another wild woman who gets it that just makes your dirty little whore mouth wanna blast allllll the swear words.
You feel me?!


OKAY… this is supposed to be a “sales page” for you to figure out if you wanna join my F*CK IT Mastermind... but honestly?
This is more like a MF love letter, to you. 😂


With so much hardness.
I don’t believe in doing cookie cutter shit.
I believe doing what LIGHTS YOUR SOUL ON FIIIIIRE.
Sometimes that means following a traditional “sales page”.
Or sometimes… that means trusting your gut pussy and saying F*CK IT… I’m doing it MY way.
Which is exactly what’s happening right now, wild woman.

I’m saying F*CK IT…

I’m writing this MF “sales page” like a goddamn love letter / sales page / hilarious infomercial script that never saw the light of day (...until now)

Because that’s what MY wild soul wants to do.

SO… you ready to see what I got for you, wild woman??

Alrighty… here we gooooo ;)

Dear Wild Woman.

Greetings from frozen Wisconsin.
The flyover state that you might have never heard of unless you live in another neighboring flyover state. #flyoverstatesneedlovetoo
It is indeed freezing right now. Really, really bad.
Since you self identified as a WILD WOMAN… I’m gonna be fucking uncenosred as HELL with you. You’re welcome. ;)
Hi bitch!!!!!
OMG - you have no idea how happy I am to have found another wild woman.
Like for reeaaaaalz.
Do you know how happy that makes me?
Happier than a WAP with a fat dick inside… which is really, really saying something.
Okay… I’m gonna jump into the deep shit straight away.
I’ve been TERRIFIED to let me WILD out.
For most of my life, everyone thought Megan was the sweet, nice, shy one.
That’s how fucking terrified I was to let my WILD out.
But the truth is, I have *always* been a wild, feisty, bold woman.
But I was too afraid to let that out.
I was worried I would be too much.
Not taken seriously in business.
Canceled, even.
// ^that one really got me //
And it terrified me.
So I hid my WILD from the public eye and watered myself down.
I told myself that I was just really good at adapting to the people around me, or just really empathetic and didn't want to ruffle feathers. #vomit
And it was slowly eating away at me.
Bite by bite.
Fuck no!
And so I begin to change.
Little by little.
  • I started letting the F bombs fly.
  • I started letting my hilarious wit & humor come through.
  • I started not giving a flying fuck about the rules.
  • I started embracing my WILD.
  • I invested in working with a coach who embraced and celebrated my WILD and pushed me to unleash it.
Ooooooh it makes my tits all tingly just thinking about it. 😂😂
And you know what?
It felt good.
And it turns out a lot of people like bold, feisty, wild Megan.
I didn’t get canceled.
// ….yet 😂😂😂 //
Living your truth changes EVERYTHING.
Absolutely everything.
I have never felt so powerful or turned on or magical or unstoppable as when I unleash my WILD and truly say ‘FUCK IT, I’m making my WILD dreams happen NOW’.
Spoiler alert: it’s also fucking terrifying.
And can feel messy as HELL.
But that’s okay.
Because unleashing your WILD is a journey.
And that’s exactly how it should be.

Two things happened when I decided I was going to unleash my WILD.

#1) I decided that FUCK IT was going to be my new mantra...

  • FUCK IT I’m gonna be MORE wild
  • FUCK IT I’m breaking the rules
  • FUCK IT I’m going after my wild dreams, NOW
  • FUCK IT, I’m a sweary boss ass bitch and I don’t wanna hide that
  • FUCK IT, I’m a wild witch who’s spiritual AF
  • FUCK IT, I’m freaky and proud
  • FUCK IT, I wanna be the richest bitch
And then, this happened...

#2) FUCK IT…. I wanna create the FUCK IT Mastermind for other WILD WOMAN just like me.

And you know what?
That’s exactly what this wild witch bitch did.
I created the F*CK IT Mastermind for WILD women who want to reach their WILD dreams, FAST.
And it’s everything... to me.
Seriously… from one wild woman to another… creating this Mastermind is so deeply personal to me.
Here’s why…
I have never found it “EASY” to fit in, fully.
Online or in my personal life.
  • My sarcastic side always felt too sarcastic
  • My sweary side always felt too sweary
  • My feisty side always felt too feisty
  • My serious side always felt too serious
  • My inappropriate humor always felt too innoprirate
  • My ridiculous side always felt too ridiculous
  • My opinionated side always felt too opinionated
And honestly… there was no space in the online business world that I knew of that had the WILD that I felt inside.
And it fucking pissed me off.
And so the idea to create my own corner of WILD on the internet was born.
And the Fuck It Movement was started.
And the rest was history. ;)

The F*CK IT movement has started, bitch.

And I want your wild ass self to be a part of it.
Alright - hold onto yer titties cuz this is the part in the love letter that I wooooo you. 😂
You are FUCKING AMAZING, wild woman.
Sooooo fucking amazing.
And infinitely powerful.
And worthy of having it all.
And I want you to have it fucking all.

So tell me… what is your dream, wild woman?

  • Do you want to 10x your income?
  • Travel the world?
  • Buy your dream home?
  • Manifest your sexy new ride?
  • Become visible AF?
  • Launch your brilliant, badass new offer?
  • Start a podcast?
  • Hire a team?
  • Unleash more of your wild self to the world?
  • Quit your day job?
  • Start over?
  • Something else?
  • Anything else?

Wild woman… I want to help you get to your WILD dreams… FAST.

Now here’s the thing.

You can do this shit on your own.
But do you really want to?
I know you’re fierce AF.
I know you’re wickedly brilliant.
I know you’re // smartly // weighing the pros and cons of a Mastermind Investment.
I know you’re ambitious AF, too.

But, Wild Woman.

I ask you this, heart to heart.
Do you want more?
Do you want to be wilder?
Do you want to be pushed more?
Do you have more to give that you’ve been holding back?
Have you reached all there is to reach?

What is your soul whispering to you right now, wild woman?

I am not here to twist your tits into investing in the F*CK IT Mastermind.

That is your decision alone to make.
But I am here to challenge you to be your wildest self.
Because that’s what wild women do.
And if your soul and pussy are whispering F*CK IT, I wanna join… listen, reflect, trust, and make the decision that lights your soul on fire.
Whether that is yes, or no.

Own your decision with fucking conviction, wild woman.

Now… if you’re anything like me // which we’ve already established you are 😂 //...

You’re going to want some more details on the F*CK IT Mastermind, right?

I mean love letters are nice and all but let's see the fine print bitch, right?! 😂
Okay, cuming right up. ;)


Who is it for?
  • It’s for 1:1 service providers...
  • It’s for course creators...
  • It’s for thought leaders...
  • It’s for “idk fucking know what my title is”...
  • It’s for Membership creators...
  • It’s for Mastermind leaders...

….no matter your “title” in business… the F*CK IT Mastermind is for WILD women who want to reach their WILDEST dreams, FAST.

The F*CK IT Mastermind is a container for WILD women. Period.
So no matter your background or your industry or your expertise….
You belong here, wild woman.
Because all you need is a wild heart and a wild dream…
And you will get the // wild // support, accountability, and community to reach your unique, WILD goals faster than you ever thought possible.


It doesn’t matter what your…
  • Background is
  • Your experience level is
  • Your title is
  • Or the industry you work in
All that matter is that you’re a WILD woman with WILD dreams… who wants to be pushed to reach them, FAST.

That’s it.

If you bring the WILD dream, I will bring the WILD accountability, support, and community that will have you taking MASSIVE action that will, quite simply...change your life.
And it makes my tits tingle just thinking about it.

The F*CK IT Mastermind is for you if you FEEL in your soul what’s written next:

FUCK IT… I’m breaking the rules
FUCK IT… I’m letting my wild out
FUCK IT… I’m naming and claiming out loud what I want
FUCK IT… I’m going all in
...and inaction, indecisiveness, procrastination & self doubt can all go fuck itself.
This is your safe space to BE YOUR WILD SELF.
This is a space that CELEBRATES your individual wild, witchy & wicked self.
This is where I hold your feet to the fucking fire and crack that whip… you’re GOING to do what you say you are… no questions asked. ;)

You already can FEEL what you want… now it’s time to light the motherfucking FIRE under that FEELING.

You want it all.
You can have it all.
But you must take action.
And keep taking action.
Fun action.
Inspired action.
Messy action.
Shitty Action.
Gorgeous action.
Aligned action.

I will challenge you like never before, wild women. I can promise you that.

And it will be FIERCE, FAST, & FUN.
// does ^that turn you on as much as it does me? //

Okay… let’s go deeper in the F*CK IT Mastermind fine print. ;)

The F*CK IT Mastermind is 6 Months of pure WILD…. with WICKED Accountability, Support, & Community

At the beginning of every month you will get a 69 minute 1:1 with me.
Together, we’ll review your WILD goals for the month.
And then, I’ll help you reverse engineer them into powerful, actionable steps
Every week, we’ll have a live group mastermind call
During these live group calls, you’ll be telling the group what action you’re taking this week, your wins, your fucks, and anything in between.
In between the weekly calls, you will have 1:1 access to my during my daily office hours via Voxer AND there is a private F*CK IT Mastermind community to get support, chill, hangout, and be WILD together.
And, every month, we’ll have 1 fun, rowdy Wild Women Happy Hour call…. Where there is no set intention other than to chill, hang out, and drink. ;)

The F*CK IT Mastermind... 6 months of wickedly WILD Accountability, Support, & Community so you reach your WILD dreams, FAST.

The Investment for founding members is $777 x 6 months or $4444 paid in full.

(When I re-open the Mastermind for enrollment next, the investment will go up to $1111 x 6 months, or $6666 paid in full)

WILD woman… are you ready to say F*CK IT?

There are 11 spots available in this Mastermind.
Is one speaking to your soul?

Own your decision with power, wild woman.

If you have been yearning for a community of foul-mouthed witches…
If you are done trying to cram all of yourself into a box…
If you are so on board with breaking the rules…
If you are longing to unleash more WILD...
If you are ready to be pushed to create MORE...
If you are ready to be SUPPORTED unlike ever before…
If you are ready to be SEEN like never before…

I want you, Wild Woman.

I want to push and challenge and unleash more of your wild in the F*CK IT Mastermind.
Are you ready?

…….holyfuckingballsacks that was a long ass love letter…….



Time for a little TL;DR again….

The F*CK IT Mastermind is for…

Female Business owners with any title, industry, background, expertise and experience….
….if you’re a WILD woman with WILD biz dreams looking for WICKED accountability, support, & community so you can reach your WILD biz dreams, FAST welcome home, bitch.

6 Months of WILD

  • 1 x month 69 minute 1:1 call with me
  • 1 x weekly group call to share, challenge yourself, and celebrate the other wild women
  • 1 x monthly Wild Women Happy Hour chill n drink sesh
  • Weekly 1:1 support available through Voxer and private community where we’ll be in close contact throughout the week

Founding Member Investment

$4444 or $777 x 6 months

So, WILD woman… are you ready to say F*CK IT?

Have questions for me, wild woman?
Email me at? subject like F*CK IT… and I'll take it from there.