The name of your course is not your headline

The name of your course is not your headline

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Apr 28, 2021
"On average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy."
What copywriting legend David Ogilvy wants to say is that the headline of your landing page matters...A LOT.
It's the most valuable piece of real estate on your page. Based on the headline, your audience decides to read on or click away (and once they do, they may never return again).
But I see many course creators give away this opportunity to draw people into their page.
How? Their headline is simply their course name. What a waste!
Now, repeat after me: The name of your course is not your headline!
So, what should your headline be instead? A powerful statement that clearly communicates the value you provide with your course.
You'll know that your headline is compelling when it has SPICE:


No vague statement that could mean anything. It should be clear what it is and who it is for.


Your reader immediately understands what's in it for them and how they'll profit from your course.


Your headline should open a curiosity loop. Now your reader needs to know more and has to keep reading.


You aren't making any outlandish claims. What you're saying is believable.

Easy to understand

It's clear what you mean. You aren't using any abbreviations or jargon that may confuse your reader. And you aren't trying to be clever for the sake of being clever.
Come up with 2-5 headlines and ask your audience for feedback. What do they resonate the most with?
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