Todd Beeby

What do you want to help course creators with?
Let's get a bit more specific. How can you help course creators?
I can help by laying out your information in a way that makes it easy for people to digest, refer back to, and ultimately understand and connect with. The success of your students is key to your course being shared, so let's make it beautifully digestable. I can also help by bringing branding expertise to the party - this can help set an expectation and get potential customers across the line.
Tell us about yourself! Your bio
A passionate graphic designer who loves when things work - graphics that actually help a business to tell their true story and connect with the right people, ultimately contributing to the success of any venture. If it doesn't work, it's just an expensive, undesirable ornament in bad taste.
Why do you want to work with course creators? What makes you passionate about the online education space?
People helping people. We're all lifting each other up.
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