What does an online course manager do?

What does an online course manager do?

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May 4, 2021
Launching and running an online course can be a lonely endeavor for you, the creator.
You have to manage a ton of moving pieces. And are expected to show up for your students and deliver a transformational learning experience.
Working with a course manager is one of the best things you can do to lighten your workload.
But what does a course manager actually do? Here's a mini job description based on my experience as the course manager for Minimum Viable Video.
The main responsibility is to create a learning environment that makes students feel safe and supported so they can fully concentrate on leveling up their skills – free from distractions like figuring out the course software or wondering where to find the Zoom link for the next session.
The course manager makes sure everything runs smoothly in the background so that the instructor can fully concentrate on teaching.
In detail, this can involve the following tasks:

Operational Setup

  • set up the course calendar
  • schedule reminder emails
  • manage the tools and systems (digital infrastructure of the course)
  • coordinate guest speakers, peer supporters, alumni mentors
  • answer logistical questions

Learning Experience Support

  • coordinate onboarding & offboarding
  • help instructor prep for sessions
  • support live Zoom sessions
  • create and send recap emails
  • share materials (like worksheets & recordings) with the students
The course manager has their finger on the pulse of the student community. They can act as your sounding board and help you improve your course from cohort to cohort.
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