Why every cohort-based course needs note-takers

Why every cohort-based course needs note-takers

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Apr 7, 2021
Confession: I'm a compulsive note-taker.
My second brain in Evernote is jam-packed with scribbles, screenshots, and chat comments from the online courses I've taken. That's how I learn. And I actually refer back to my notes quite often.
Now, what if these notes wouldn't stay hidden in my (and other students') note-taking apps?
What if they were accessible for all students and even shared on social media?
When that happens, everyone wins. I'll tell you how exactly...

How the students win

CBC live sessions have A LOT to take in.
You're following the instructor while reading the chat while trying to think for yourself to add something meaningful to the conversation.
It's magical and overwhelming at the same time.
Being able to access notes later and recap the main points is a blessing.

How the course creator wins

In an interactive live session, students ask questions, raise concerns, and give feedback.
By capturing these, you can actively adapt the curriculum to students' needs. And ultimately, improve your course in the long run.

How everyone else wins

What if a bit of the magic could travel outside of the Zoom room to show your audience how awesome your course is?
After every session, share a few insights and quotes (be sure to ask participants for permission before using their words) on social media.
That provides your audience with valuable content and induces just the right amount of FOMO, so they'll want to join the next cohort.
An official note-taker could soon become a staple role in a CBC, besides the instructor and course manager.
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