4 rules to get the most out of working with a copywriter ✍️

4 rules to get the most out of working with a copywriter ✍️

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Jul 21, 2021
Having a copywriter at your side is your secret weapon in business.
If you use their potential to the fullest. Many don't, unfortunately...as I've experienced in my 3+ years as a copywriter.
So, when you hire a copywriter, follow these 4 rules to make the most out of working together.

🌅 Start early

And not when your launch is merely 2 weeks away.
Copy that converts is based on thorough research, a deep dive into the hearts and brains of your target audience. Give your copywriter time to do their job properly.
Also, they can offer guidance on your launch strategy and help you optimize your offer.

⚙️ Invest in the process

You don't just hand over a project to a copywriter and it’s done.
Even the best copywriters aren’t mindreaders. They need to get to know your business really well to do a great job.
So, take the time to answer their questions and prepare to have your assumptions challenged.

🎨 Work on copy first, design second

The job of design is to amplify the copy and make it easier to read. Words will convince someone to buy, not pictures and graphics.
Copywriters don't fill a preset design with words.
But they're happy to provide design guidance to make sure their copy lands perfectly on the page.

💡 Trust their expertise

When copywriters choose words, sentences, paragraphs, there’s a good reason for it.
If something feels off, address it right away so you can work together on a solution.
But don't mess with the copy later.
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