5 common copywriting mistakes course creators make on their landing pages

5 common copywriting mistakes course creators make on their landing pages

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Jun 10, 2021
In the last weeks, I've reviewed and given feedback on over 30 course landing pages.
And I noticed the same issues kept popping up that weaken and derail the pages.
Here are the common mistakes and how you can do it better:

Mistake #1: Making your course name your headline

Your headline is THE most important element on your page. It decides whether someone keeps reading or closes the browser tab.
But the name of your course is likely not enough to entice people to keep reading.
Instead, include your #1 outcome in your headline. Speak to what your audience wants to achieve and the transformation that your course provides.

Mistake #2: Jumping straight into introducing your course and all its logistical details

This is a bit like trying to get married on the first date. Remember that people need a bit of time to warm up to you.
So, instead, meet them where they're at. Show that you understand their challenges and goals.
Then they'll trust that you have the solution to their problem.

Mistake #3: Missing the "So what?"

When it comes to introducing the features of your course (live sessions, office hours, etc.), many course creators put the work on the reader to figure out why they should care.
Always make it clear what's in it for them and how they'll benefit.

Mistake #4: Not enough or no proof

Why should your audience believe that you can deliver the transformation you promise?
Prove every claim you're making! You can do that by adding testimonials (best are video or live social media testimonials), case studies, data, screenshots, or your credentials to your page.

Mistake #5: Trying to keep your page short at all cost

Long-form content still works! People will always keep reading or watching if something interests them.
Your copy can't be too long. It can only be too boring.
Tell stories, be unexpected, add specific details, and paint pictures with your words to keep people hooked.
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