How to write a killer landing page that converts

How to write a killer landing page that converts

Publish Date
Apr 17, 2021
There's no way around setting up a landing page when you want your audience to sign up for your email course, workshop, ebook, or whatever else you're offering.
The goal is clear: Get as many of the right people to convert as possible.
Here's a simple structure you can follow when writing your landing page based on copywriting principles.

Pre-headline qualifier

Call out your reader to reassure them that they're in the right place.
Example: "For freelancers looking to expand their client base"


The job of the headline is to grab their attention and get them to read the next line. Make a promise they can't resist.


Expand on your headline to reassure them that this will work for them.
Example: "...without [the thing they don't like]" or "...even if [what's been holding them back]


Demonstrate that you understand what they're dealing with, making your reader feel seen and heard.
Don't skip this part! The better you can show that you understand their problem, the more they'll trust you that you have the solution.


Let's pour just a tiny bit of salt into the wound. Why is this important? What's at stake here? Tell your reader why it's worth solving this now.


Reveal your solution. What will they get? And how will their life be better once they have it and use it?

Teaser bullets

Give them a mini-tour of what's included. Tease the best parts but don't reveal everything. Create curiosity!


What do you want your reader to do next? This usually involves entering their name and email address. When it comes to your button copy, go beyond a boring "Sign up" or "Submit."

Your bio

Why should your reader trust you? Show them that you're the right person to help them get results.


Include social proof that demonstrates what you're offering actually works.


Repeat your CTA one last time. And always remember: There should be only one thing to do for the reader on a landing page.
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