Launch day 🚀 How to make it a success without ending up a nervous wreck

Launch day 🚀 How to make it a success without ending up a nervous wreck

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May 29, 2021
Launch day is here. This is what you've been working towards for months.
You're finally opening enrollment to your course.
By now, I've been in a few launches and I can tell you, it's a rollercoaster of emotions.
There's the nagging thought "What if nobody buys?" that goes along with "I don't feel ready." and "Should I've done more?"
So, how do you quiet the negative voices in your head and increase your chances of success?
There's only one way: Prepare!
Prepare really really really well.
Here's what you can do:

👋 Warm up your audience

Your launch shouldn't come out of the blue. You want your audience to be excited about it.
Create hype by announcing your launch date publicly (also keeps you accountable) and regularly update your audience what you're working on. #buildinpublic

📣 Leverage your network to amplify your launch

Ask people a few days before via DMs if they'd like, retweet, and share your launch day social posts. The individual outreach takes time but will pay off. Especially, if you know someone with a big following who could share your announcement.

👀 Block off launch day to engage

Once your tweets, posts, and emails are out, be ready to answer questions asap. Also, thank every person who shares and comments. This keeps the algorithm engaged and your post top of the feed.

💯 Bonus (if you're up for it)

Live tweet how the launch is going by sharing real numbers. That adds to the hype.
What ideas do you have to boost your launch? Let me know what I've missed.
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